Mini VS. Family Session – What is the Difference?

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I’m sure you are well aware that it is Mini Session season! I get questions about the differences between minis and full Family Sessions all the time. So wrote a guide to help you decide which is right for you and your family: Mini VS. Family Session – What is the Difference?

Here are the Differences:

Length of Time/Time of Day
Mini Session: Mini sessions are 20 minutes and usually in the morning. I prioritize getting traditional, everyone looking at the camera and smiling shots and individual shots of each child. If everyone is in a good mood and we get those all right away, we move onto candids and more natural moments. Sometimes sessions this short can be hard for children who have a hard time warming up.

Family Session: Full Family Sessions usually last 45-60 minutes and take place the hour before sunset. These sessions usually result in beautiful sunset sessions. We have plenty of time to warm up to each other and plan for melt-downs if little ones are involved. It also allows me to get more candid shots, mom/dad with each child, and couple shots.

Location of Your Session
Mini Session: Minis take place at a predetermined location chosen by me. I usually pick my very favorite places to shoot in, and a site that fits all types of clients. Mini Session are not in the exact same spot every year, but maybe in the same park.

Family Session: I work with each family to pick a location that is meaningful or exciting to them. I often shoot sessions for families at home or in places their children will be most comfortable.

Cost of the Session
Mini Session: For 2019, Mini Sessions + 50 Holiday Cards are $215
Family Session: For 2019, Family Sessions are $250

Number of Images
Mini Session: 20 digital images presented in color and black/white
Family Session: 35+ digital images presented in color and black/white

I do my best to deliver your images to you within two weeks of your session date as well as a sneak peek! If you have any additional questions, you are always welcome to e-mail me! Mini Session Dates go live on August 2 unless you are on the list ⤵

The image on the left is a typical image we try to prioritize at a mini sessions (because Christmas cards). The image on the right is one that would only be able to get in a full Family Session with extra time and near sunset.

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