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Megan O'Hare

These programs will give you the step-by-step strategies and clear action plans to go from "I want to make beautiful Family Yearbooks" to a bookshelf full of family heirlooms.

Stop Dreaming about making Photo Books and finally do it!

All the reasons you have not tackled organizing your photos and creating beautiful Family Yearbooks are not important. Whether it's overwhelm, lack of knowledge, or lack of motivation, I can help you quickly organize your images and catch up on years of photo books. 

Let me help you clarify where to start, which cloud service to use, how to quickly organize your photos, and how I make my photos books a breeze. We are the generation of lost images. We are taking more images than ever, but are printing less than ever. 

I am passionate about changing that.

Digital Photo Organization

How I can help

Tracy, Mom of 2

Raving Reviewer

"Working with Megan to organize my digital pictures was amazing. Being a busy mom with two young kids and having a small business that requires a lot of content creation for social media, I have tens of thousands of photos on my phone. I needed help to organize and pull out photos of my kids and family from photos for my business. It was not a small task and Megan took over and got everything set up in photo clouds that are easy to search and keep organized. I would recommend it to anyone who has fallen years behind on keeping their digital files organized. "

This is a comprehensive, everything-you-need to know course about organizing your digital photos. In this course you will learn how to centralize your photos, remove duplicates, organize your photos, back them up to the cloud and create your first family yearbook layout.

If you’re ready to join the ranks of moms everywhere who are finally checking the Family Yearbook of their to-do list, then The Family Yearbook Bootcamp is for you! 

The Photo Project

For the DIYer | Self-Paced Course 

This is a perfect option for you if you just want to start! Let me help you organize 1-year of photos for you and design a custom layout for you. We will work together to centralize one year of photos, I will organize them into year/month folders and with your help select the images for your book. I typically set design each book in a calendar year format, but you are welcome to customize your book.      

At the end of this session, you will be able to order your first photo book (either from me or a printer of your choice) at an additional cost. The photo book cost will depend on the number of pages and finishes your choose for your book. 

Digital Photo Organization + Yearbook Layout

Get a Head Start

Jamie, Mom of 2

"I am so grateful that I did the digital photo organization sessions with Megan. I now know that my photos are safely stored, and I can actually find pictures going forward. For any life events I will be able to quickly find and print our memories. Megan is absolutely wonderful, and there is not a price that you can put on your memories!" 

Don’t have time to organize your digital photo collection? I thought so.

At this level of support, I will centralize your photos, remove duplicates, organize your photos, and back them up to the cloud. By the end of your session, you will have a beautiful photo library and have a system in place to keep your memories safe!

1:1 mentorship is for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to dedicate to organizing their digital photo collection but longs to have a bookshelf full of Family Yearbooks.

Megan only works with a few clients a month. Each 1:1 Digital Photo Organization will take a minimum of one month to complete*

1:1 Digital Photo Organization

Do it For Me | Highest Level of Support

Courtney, Mom of 4

Raving Reviewer

"Organizing all of our photos has been on my “to do” list for years. Hiring Megan to help me tackle this project was so worth it! She is easy and fun to work with, and I know I can count on her if I need help in the future. It gives me such a great feeling knowing where to find all of our photos. Best of all, I finally got to cross this off of my list! "

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