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Megan O'Hare

Photographer, Digital Photo Organizer, Hype-woman, Achiever, Mama of 2 and obsessive organizer of all things!

Hey there!  I'm Megan.

See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are you!  

Photographer, Digital Photo Organizer, Hype-woman, Achiever, Mama of 2 and obsessive organizer of all things!

Hey there! I'm Megan.

See that? I’m not just ONE thing, and I can bet that neither are you!  



We are the generation of lost images. We are taking more photos than ever but are printing less than ever.  Download my free guide and let's change that!

3 steps to get your Photos off your Phone

No more wondering if those precious memories are safely backed up to the cloud. It’s time to master the best tools that yield quick results and finally put the 50K photos you have on your camera roll to good use! 

Yes, busy mom, I’m looking at you! How would it feel to finally get your photos organized, accessible, and be confident that your memories are safe? To finally have beautiful photo albums that document your family’s life?

Stressed about the 55,230 photos stuck in the cloud, on your husband's phone and an old laptop? 

I know life gets busy and it can be hard to find time to organize all those precious photos of our little ones. But don't worry, whether you feel overwhelmed, don't know where to start, or just need some motivation, I'm here to help you out.

Let me give you some tips on how to get started, which cloud service to use, and how to quickly organize all those photos that have been piling up for years. Plus, I've got some great ideas for making beautiful photo books that are super easy to put together.

You know, we're part of the generation that takes so many photos but hardly ever prints them. But I really believe that it's important to keep those memories alive and tangible, and I'm really passionate about helping you do that. So let's get started and get those photos organized and printed!

Digital Photo Organization

How I can help

Tracy, Mom of 2

Raving Reviewer

"Working with Megan to organize my digital pictures was amazing. Being a busy mom with two young kids and having a small business that requires a lot of content creation for social media, I have tens of thousands of photos on my phone. I needed help to organize and pull out photos of my kids and family from photos for my business. It was not a small task and Megan took over and got everything set up in photo clouds that are easy to search and keep organized. I would recommend it to anyone who has fallen years behind on keeping their digital files organized. "

This course will take out all the guesswork and show you exactly how to combine photos from various sources, eliminate duplicate images, sort and store your collection. Get ready to enjoy the memories without the hassle!

The Photo Project

For the DIYer | Self-Paced Course 

Jamie, Mom of 2

"I am so grateful that I did the digital photo organization sessions with Megan. I now know that my photos are safely stored, and I can actually find pictures going forward. For any life events I will be able to quickly find and print our memories. Megan is absolutely wonderful, and there is not a price that you can put on your memories!" 

Many of my students have questions about their photo organization once they jump into The Photo Project. Each of us has a unique photo situation, and not everyone can afford a 1:1 Private Organization. This program was made for those who want more support at a lower price point. You will get personalized, ongoing advice and support for your photo organization journey FROM ME in the Group Organization Program.

What's Included In The Membership:
  • Weekly LIVE ZOOM call where you can share your screen and ask me questions. (Yes, I'm actually the one helping you!) Calls are on Tuesdays at 12 pm CST. All Calls are recorded so no worries if you miss one!
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group. Office Hours Monday-Thursday. Post your question in the group and get a response from me within 24 hours. 

This program is only available after purchase of The Photo Project. 

The Photo Project Membership

Do It With Me | Group Workshop

Don’t have time to organize your digital photo collection? I thought so.

At this level of support, I will centralize your photos, remove duplicates, organize your photos, and back them up to the cloud. By the end of your session, you will have a beautiful photo library and have a system in place to keep your memories safe!

1:1 mentorship is for the busy mom who doesn’t have time to dedicate to organizing their digital photo collection but longs to have a bookshelf full of Family Yearbooks.

Megan only works with a few clients a month. Each 1:1 Digital Photo Organization will take a minimum of one month to complete*

1:1 Digital Photo Organization

Do it For Me | Highest Level of Support

Courtney, Mom of 4

Raving Reviewer

"Organizing all of our photos has been on my “to do” list for years. Hiring Megan to help me tackle this project was so worth it! She is easy and fun to work with, and I know I can count on her if I need help in the future. It gives me such a great feeling knowing where to find all of our photos. Best of all, I finally got to cross this off of my list! "

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