3 Steps to a Relaxed Newborn Session

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I love photographing newborns, but it can be a challenge and a little stressful for new moms. I know that when I had my first baby’s photos taken, I was so worried that I would fail, so I put together three steps to a relaxed newborn session!

Book Your Session Early

I cannot stress this enough.  Let your photographer know when you are due so that they can keep space for you in their month. Naturally, things happen, but I like to photograph newborns in the first seven days of life.  If I know when that could be – give or take – I can plan ahead.  While I will photograph a newborn older than seven days, it can be more difficult.

You are not in Control

This is hard, but you and the photographer are not in control, there are steps you can take to help guide the situation.  Such as feeding, wrapping, sound machines, and heaters but ultimately the baby is going to let you know what they want to do.  If you can realize that early and go with the flow, the session will be much smoother for everyone involved.


Let me say that again, relax. A newborn photographer has experience with babies, so feel free to enjoy the rest. If you want to step out of the room – do it.  If you want to nap – do it.  If I need something, I will let you know!

I can’t speak for all photographers, but my portrait sessions are very low-key, relaxed, and not jarring to children {or parents!}. I am prepared for surprises that always come along when working with babies, so please don’t be embarrassed!  It happens ALL the time!  The newborn session is all about the new little one, your relationship together, and the love in your home.  So relax and enjoy the moment.

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