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Three sisters at a photo shoot

There is more than one way to shoot a One-Year Photography session, but I love when everyone comes to the shoot. These three girls could not be more adorable and my favorite part is interacting with each of their unique personalities! I can honestly say that I cannot wait to see who they grow up to be!

One-Year Photography

When planning for a One-Year Photography session, there are a few things to consider. Do you want a cake smash? Do you have a theme? Are you planning a bubble or milk bath? No matter what the answers are to these questions, there is no wrong answer. The most important things to consider when planning this type of session are as follows:

  1. What time of day is best for your child? One-year-olds usually have good and bad times of the day. For this session, it is my experience that morning is the best time for most children.
  2. Does your child like to have their clothes changed? This is one thing that can change the whole mood of the shoot. If your child does not like having their clothes changed, I would consider layers so we can change the look without the stress of a complete outfit change.
  3. How do you plan to display your images? This is the most important in my opinion. Choose outfits or themes that can stand the test of time. I love having a gallery wall that includes images from every stage so choosing colors that mesh with your home esthetic is always best.

I hope that some of these tips help as you plan your next One-Year Photography session. If you book your session with me, I am always happy to chat about what works best for you or any ideas you have! I always love when a mom has fun ideas! You can see more sessions like this one HERE!

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