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Milestone Photography

It doesn’t get much cuter than this little man! I loved seeing Brooks for his 6 month photography session. It was even more fun because I’d done his newborn photos too! He was a joy to have in the studio as an infant, and just as much of a pleasure now that he’s getting to be a big boy.

I loved his chunky cheeks when he first came to see me, so I was super excited to see that he still has them! Absolutely adorable.

We had done mostly fall colors when Brooks was a baby, but for his 6 month photography session we went with cooler blues and whites. We did tie these photos into his previous session though, by using one of my studio blankets that we’d incorporated in his newborn pictures.

When to Do Milestone Photography

Although most people think of the one year mark as the time to do milestone baby pictures, it’s wonderful to have photos at other stages too! 6 months is such a fun age, when babies are smiling and really starting to enjoy interacting with people. They’ve already changed so much from when they were a newborn–and they’ll change even more by the time they’re a year old! Don’t miss that in-between stage of babyhood!

Planning Your 6 Month Photography Session

I’m always happy to help you with the specifics, but here are a couple of general things to keep in mind as you plan your little one’s 6 month photos.

  • Schedule the shoot for a time when baby is well rested, maybe shortly after their nap.
  • Make sure baby is fed shortly before the session so they’re happy.
  • Think about whether there’s anything you want to use in your session. You certainly don’t have to bring props and toys, but you’re welcome to do so if there’s something special you want to include.
  • Think about how you want to use your photos. If they’re going into an album, maybe you want to incorporate something from their newborn photos. If the pictures will hang on your walls, take the room’s decor and color into account so you can create photos to match.

Ready to book your session? I’d be glad to chat about what works best for you or any ideas you have! Need some inspiration? Check out another 6 month session here!

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