When should you Book a Newborn/Maternity Session?

Newborn/Maternity Photography

When you find out that you are pregnant, especially the first time, the list of things to do is overwhelming. I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, I was worried about what to eat, or not eat rather, was I drinking enough water, and do I need all this stuff? It seemed like a never ending cycle of making decisions. Let me take some of the stress off of you. Here is what you need to know about booking your newborn portrait session:

1. Do you want an In-home or studio session?

Most photographers provide the choice, but there may be a price difference. In-home sessions usually cost more but are very convenient for you as a new mom. You can get ready in your home and don’t have to pack up all of your items. It is also a good option for older children, especially if they are shy. An in-home session will result in a more lifestyle gallery of images.

While at a studio session, you get to enjoy all of the photographer’s props and a controlled lighting situation. You won’t have to pick up the house or worry about how your home will show in your images.

2. Do I need to provide my props?

Most photographers will have a collection of props that they provide for a session. I often tell new moms that if they have a unique color pallet in mind or a specific idea planned, it might be best to purchase those items for your session. Just make sure to ask your photographer what is provided and also check their portfolio to see what they have used previously.

3. At what age does the photographer suggest photographing your baby?
I like to photograph babies in the first 14 days of life. This is the most sleepy time for the baby and usually makes for a smoother session. Although if you have a scheduling problem or medical reason to push your session back, it will still be possible to get beautiful images. Just work with your photographer and book early to ensure you get your ideal date.

4. What is the photographer’s availability? What happens if your baby comes early or late?
When I book a newborn session, I hold a space for you within the month of your due date, but with this type of session, there’s no guarantee of arrival date. Make sure your photographer is flexible. As long as I know ahead of time to hold space for you, I will do whatever it takes to fit you in when it works for you after the baby arrives!

6. When is the best time during pregnancy to book?
Ideally, I like my mom’s to book around the 20-week mark. By this time in your pregnancy, should you choose to find out, you know what you are having and are well on your way. It will ensure I can get you on the schedule and if you want to add a Maternity Session, this gives us plenty of time to schedule that as well. I usually suggest shooting Maternity sessions at the 34-week mark.

7. What happens after your photography session?
This is a question I like to ask when I have my photos taken. It is such an exciting time, and getting your hands on the images should not be a painful wait. I provide ten web-sized same day edits from your session to post on social media and then deliver a full gallery within two weeks of your session. This way you have plenty of time to send out birth announcements should you choose!

So there you have it. Booking early is critical, that doesn’t mean last-minute sessions don’t work, but they don’t work for everyone and planning will ensure the success of a newborn session.

If you would like any information about my Maternity or Newborn sessions, click the ‘book now’ link below.  If you want to book a session now, please book your due date and I will be in touch when it gets closer to your due date!  Or view recent ‘Newborn/Maternity Sessions’ at the link below ⤵️

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