Hendryx | 3 months

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I got to see Hendryx today for his 3-month photos! I don’t know where the time went, but that three months seemed to fly by for me! One of my favorite things is getting to watch how babies change from the first week of life until one year. One thing that hasn’t changed for Hendryx is his awesome hair. He came into this world with the best mohawk I have ever seen!

Hendryx mama has the best style. I love all of the muted neutrals that she picked for our session. All of the pieces had a great texture too! I love white more than I could ever describe, and we used it a lot in this session. For me, the use of white takes the focus on the background and places it right where it should be, on the subject.

In case you missed Hendryx’s Newborn session, you can see it at the link below. I have two first-year packages available and would love to tell you more about it if you are interested – just shoot me an email HERE!

This is what happens when Big Brother is adorable and crashes your photo shoot….I couldn’t help but take a few photos of him!

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