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One Year Session: What to expect.

Milestone Photography

Scheduling a One-Year Session for your child can be stressful. We all wonder if our kids will behave or if it is worth the work of planning. I try my best to make this easy on you! When I plan for your shoot, I think of it in 3 phases. Here is precisely what you can expect during a One-Year Milestone Session:

In Phase 1, we will take pictures in 1 or 2 outfits of your choice. Pick a color you want to hang on your wall. I will pick props to match your theme, but always feel free to bring your ideas.

In Phase 2, It’s time to smash a cake. We will strip down to a diaper and use a diaper cover provided by me to cover any characters or designs. I can also provide the smash cake to take some of the stress off your plate. Most parents want to match the birthday party theme and bring props with them, but I have tons of options for this too!

In Phase 3, I love to have your child take a bath. You can choose from a bubble bath or a milk bath. This phase is really fun, and most kids love it. I like to add bath toys, flowers, and even fruit to the tub.

I have found that this process works well and keeps the child entertained throughout the process. We spend 45-60 minutes at the session, so it is a reasonably quick session. Of course, this can be customized to you and your child. I am always open to your ideas – some of the best ideas are yours!

The most important part of making a session fun and exactly what you expect, is communication. Letting me know your colors, birthday theme, and special instructions is helpful to plan for your session.

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