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My 3 Favorite Places to Take Photos

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How is it September already! I love Fall, but it feels like this summer flew by! We spent as many weekends as we could at the lake with our kids, and I kept them home every Friday to squeeze in more time with them. No matter how much time I spend with them, it feels like it’s not enough!

As we enter the Fall Family Session Season, I thought it would be fun to share 3 of my favorite locations to take Family Photos. We have a lot of beautiful parks in York, but one of my favorites is out of town. Drum roll….Here they are:

Foster Park

Why I love it: The park has a lot to offer in terms of props. There are steps, vines, a pergola, and tons of beautiful foliage. It provides dynamic backgrounds in a small area. Which is great for little ones.

Recharge Lake

Why I love it: This location sometimes gets a bad wrap, but it provides an excellent spot for family sessions. There is a lake (duh), tons of trees, and tall grass. While my favorites spots are spread out over a larger area, it is better for families with older children who will not tire from the adventure.

Summerwood Resort

Why I love it: While this location is 45 minutes from York, it has tons to offer for a family session. My family has a cabin here, and I have spent all of my summers here, so it is a favorite for many reasons! It offers a lake, the Platte River, Cute Streams, and pretty foliage spots. It’s the perfect location if you are looking for something different!

Other locations that I love to shoot at include Beaver Creek Park, Harrison Park, and Downtown York for a more Urban Setting. Some families have their own amazing spots at their home or a family member’s house! Do you know of a cool place to take family photos? If so drop me a note below ⤵️ I would love to hear about it!

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