Hayden is Back

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Baby Hayden was back in the studio today with his mama, who happens to be one of my very best friends. I wish you could have seen or listened in on the session. I bet we looked like a bunch of Monkeys trying to get him to smile. He gave us a lot of “what the heck are you two doing looks”! There was a point where I said to Casey; I definitely could not have imaged this being something we would do in our friendship when we met 17 years ago on the first day of College. I mean we have come a VERY LONG way from those girls…although they were fun girls!

Okay, enough reminiscing let’s get back to Hayden. His mama sells Rodan + Fields, and I swear she is using Lash Boost on him! His eyelashes are the longest I have ever seen. And it is so funny because the ends of them are blonde. Hayden is so sweet and rocked his session! I am so thankful that his mama drives from Omaha to let me take his pictures. It is truly the BEST!

You can see Hayden’s pictures at the link below. Let me know what you think! I love to get your comments!

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